• What’s provided in my room?

Your room is a single ensuite room with the following provided:

2 sets of bedding

Single duvet

2 Pillows

2 sets of bath towels

2 sets of hand towels

1 spare blanket

(You are asked to launder bed linen yourselves)

  • Should I bring cooking utensils?

At your accommodation you will have a shared kitchen, cooking utensils are provided for you to use e.g. pots, pan, knifes, etc.

  • Where are the nearest shops? What sort of shops?

Hertford College and your accommodation are both right in the centre of Oxford. The shops are a 5 minute walk away from Hertford College and 10 minutes from your accommodation on Folly Bridge.

There are a range of shops for example: clothes shops, shoe shops, health and beauty shops, electrical shops etc.

  • Night life?

Every college has its own student bar. Popping by the bar is a nice way of meeting new people and getting involved in Hertford social life.

Hertford has its own Choir you can join. Oxford has theatres, cinemas and concert halls right in the city centre. There are drama clubs, debating societies, river sports and many more forms of entertainment.

  • Transport? Bus and train. How close to London?

Oxford has a small train station in the centre of the city. There are many buses that run in and out of Oxford, they go to places just outside the city centre, parts of the Cotswolds and of course to London. The bus takes about an hour to travel into London and they run every 15-20 minutes!

  • What’s the weather like? What clothes should I bring?

The weather during Michaelmas term is normally very cold and rainy. Sometimes it even snows lightly. Thick, warm and waterproof clothing is essential!

The weather during Hilary term tends to be fairly similar to Michaelmas, except it becomes slightly warmer and dryer towards the end of March. So it’s best to have clothes that you can layer e.g. t shirts, thin long sleeved shirts, cardigans and waterproofs.

In April the weather starts to warm up and we tend to have more sunny days. By May/June time the sun is out most days and it feels very warm with little rain fall. T-shirts, shorts, thin jumpers are recommended. Always have a set of warmer clothes for those chilly days!

Formal clothes for events e.g. smart trousers, shirt, tie, jacket/evening dress and shoes.

  • What can I do during the vacation?

Most visiting students tend travel during the vacations; they visit Europe or fly back home to see family. Accommodation during the vacation is NOT included in your programme; however, you can request to stay in Hertford accommodation at an extra charge per night. Accommodation during the vacation is not guaranteed but is usually possible.

  • Dietary requirements – we can cater for you

If you have special dietary requirements - we can cater for you! Please let us know in advance if you have special dietary requirements and we can let our chefs know so they can cater for you.

  • Clubs and societies I can join?

You can join many clubs and societies whilst in Oxford, it’s another way of getting involved and making the most of your time here. Please visit Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) pages to find out more about societies you might be interested joining.

  • When is my orientation?

Your orientation day will begin the morning after you arrive.

  • What happens on my first day at Hertford?

On your orientation day you will:

  1. Have a meeting with the International Programmes team and other visiting students studying at Hertford.
  2. Have an individual meeting with the Tutor for Visiting Students to discuss your tutorials.
  3. Attend a welcome lunch in College along with the other visiting students.
  4. Meet the IT Department and Hertford College Librarian who will give you short inductions.
  • When can I connect to the internet?

On the afternoon of your orientation day you will meet with the IT Department who will set you up with the internet. There are wifi hotspots in College and Ethernet cables in your bedroom.

  • When can I use the libraries?

You can use the Hertford College Library as soon as you have been inducted. Your Faculty Library inductions will also be within the first week. After your inductions you are welcome to use the libraries.

  • Where do I wash my clothes?

Washing machines and dryers are located in your accommodation (£1.60 wash, Dryer £1)

  • Where is my accommodation?

You will be accommodated at the Hertford College Graduate Centre which is located on Folly Bridge alongside the River Thames. It is a 10 minute walk from the Hertford College main site, the libraries and the shops which are located in the centre of Oxford.

For full list of answers please read the Information Booklet