Each and every person at Hertford has a story to tell. HertFolk is our way of showcasing #TeamHertford – it’s a chance for you to get to know the people that make our college the diverse and wonderful place it is!

If you’d like to submit a story for HertFolk, send your text (500-700 words) and a photo to development.office@hertford.ox.ac.uk.

Rob Williams (Jurisprudence, 1983)
Holly Redford Jones (PPE, 2013)
Nick Jefferson (Jurisprudence, 1994)
Graham Winyard (Medicine, 1965)
Sandy Oh (PPE, 1990)
Eric Martin (Medicine, 1961)
Jurek Martin (History, 1960)
Barbara McGowan (Biochemistry, 1984)
Jason Millar (English, 2003)
Grace Newcombe (Music, 2008)
Ewen Maclean (Physics, 2006)
Julian Whitehead (History, 1963)
Bahi Ghubril (Engineering Science, 1989)
Lucy Davenport-Broder (English, 1991)
Tom Bashford (Biochemistry, 1998)
Miranda Reilly (English, 2015)
Sherard Cowper-Coles (Classics, 1973)
Olivia Shillabeer (PPE, 2013)
Rebecca Mills (Medicine, 2004)
Louis-David Lord (DPhil Psychiatry, 2014)
Eugenie Reidy (Archaeology and Anthropology, 2001)
Cristopher Ballinas Valdés (DPhil Politics, 2003)
Lawson Lancaster (Japanese, 2010)
Lena Thu Phuong Nguyen (Oriental Studies, 2005)
David Haxell (Head Porter)
Joy Aston (Biological Sciences, 2012)
Gautam Patel (Biochemistry, 1999)
Anne Sokolich (DPhil Clinical Neuroscience, 2015)
Chris Brooks (Chemistry, 1962)
Norman Perrin (Engineering Science, 1948)
Abigail Eardley (English, 2016)
Steve Frost (Geography, 1995)
Zoë Lee (Geography, 2004)
Tim Hosgood (Mathematics, 2011)
Paavan Buddhdev (Computer Science & Philosophy, 2013)
Catherine Redford (Career Development and Outreach Fellow)
Emily Rayfield (Biological Sciences, 1993)
Richard Fidler (Economics & Management, 1998)
The Reverend Mia Smith (College Chaplain)
Sam Bovill (Jurisprudence, 2015)
Katie Targett-Adams (Medieval & Modern Languages, 1997)
A John Harrison (Modern Languages, 1938)
Alison Young (Jurisprudence, 1993)
Athol Williams (MPhil Political Theory, 2015)
James Weinberg (History, 2009)
Private: Lisa Hartwright (Admissions Officer)
Brooke Johnson (DPhil Earth Sciences, 2015)
Adam Kellett (Geography, 2014)
Kerensa Jennings (Modern Languages, 1989)
Carolyn Hitt (English, 1987)
Wanda Wyporska (Modern History & Languages, 1997)