Hertford College, a community of undergraduates, postgraduates, Fellows and staff located in the heart of Oxford, straight across the road from the Bodleian Library and within a few minutes' walk of all the other principal libraries and laboratories of the University of Oxford.

Our vision

Hertford’s academic excellence is framed by our deep commitment to fairness and opportunity. The college’s academics are world leaders in their fields and committed to both teaching and research, and the shared sense of community between our staff and students ensures that Hertford is a popular and successful home for graduates and undergraduates alike. What binds us together the collective intellectual project of challenging and questioning that unites all our disciplines: the college of the poet John Donne is also a crucible of the Royal Society. We equip our students with that same capacity to ask difficult questions, to live well and to assist others to do the same. We need further to invest in our people – student bursaries, academic fellowships and graduate scholarships. We are proud of our past members and all they have achieved, and look to their example to guide us to attract, support and inspire the Hertfordians of the future.

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