Visiting Students

The visiting student programme at Hertford College

Hertford College is an excellent choice if you want to study abroad as a visiting studen and experience the unique tutorial system.

  • We have a high quality and well established Visiting Student Programme with a dedicated team to support your academic and social welfare
  • The college is small and friendly so it is easy to make friends with our regular students
  • We are right in the centre of Oxford, opposite the world famous Bodleian Library and the beautiful Sheldonian theatre, as well as being within easy walking distance of faculty libraries, lecture theatres, bookshops and cafes
  • Our accommodation blocks are adjacent to the River Thames and ideal if you want to try your hand in our college rowing clubs 

As a Hertford visiting student you automatically become a “registered visiting student”.  This is really important as it gives you an official status with the University of Oxford so you get a university card and therefore:

  • You have reading rights in the world famous Bodleian Library and also faculty libraries
  • You can take books out of the Faculty libraries
  • You can go to the large number of lectures and seminars open to Oxford undergraduates and graduates
  • You can join the wide variety of university societies and sports clubs, including the renowned debating society – the Oxford Union

To find out more about the Registered Visiting Student Programme at Herford College, please take a look at these pages and also the main Hertford College website.

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