Principal v Chaplain Photo-finish

21 May 2014

On May 11, Team Hertford made its annual assault on the Oxford Town and Gown 10km fun run. This year we had a great mix of fellows, students, and staff tackling the rather convoluted course around central Oxford, finishing in the University Parks. Team members ranged from first timers, aiming simply to make it to the finish line, to experienced runners aiming to smash their personal best times.  After a gripping finale which saw the Principal narrowly head off the chase from a very determined Chaplain, all headed back to Hertford for a very well-deserved brunch. Congratulations all. 

Team Hertford Results:

Anuj Aggarwal 45:55; Damoun Ashournia 54:59; Aoife Dudley 52:59; Jane Ellis 56:30; Luke Granger 43:17; David Heathcote 49:19; Gareth Hughes 1:19:23; Will Hutton 1:18:52; Philipp Kostuch 49:27; John Landers 52:43; Barbara Mahler 50:42; Martin Maiden 48:49; Charlotte Malins 59:59; Graham May 52:09; Claire Vallance 44:54.