Ed Balls Day

14 June 2017

A matter of days after the British General Election, Hertford welcomed Ed Balls to the college (former Labour MP and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2011 until 2015) for a ‘Hertford Conversation’ with the Principal. The event was arranged by the Hertford Business and Economics Society, and Milo Rignell, President of HBES, gave us this account of the evening:

It was one of HBES's most successful events, with a room jam-packed with a wide range of students from across the university, who had all come to listen to what Ed Balls had to say only five days after the general election. And to most people's pleasant surprise it wasn't all about how dark and gloomy Britain's near future is. Will Hutton's conversation with Ed and the following questions from the audience covered a huge range of topics, including a clear breakdown of what actually went on during the general election and what it meant moving forwards, both for individual parties and for the UK. Ed also talked about how stammering isn't all that bad, why the economics of football clubs is such a complicated mess and, of course, what it takes to become a world-class dancer on Strictly aged 50.”