Defeating the Hungarian National Team on our 2014 tour of Budapest came at a time when Hertford College Cricket Club (HCCC) began to become a prominent feature of summer term college life. Having sat in the bottom division in years gone by due to lack of players, our 2015 tour of Prague saw a squad of 16 represent the college.

Outside of our European cricketing presence, progress through the Oxford Inter-Collegiate Cricket League (OICCL) has been increasingly successful. This is largely due to our reach out to, and subsequent integration with, members of the MCR, such that our spread of players now ranges from freshers to PhD students. We celebrated winning Division 3 in 2014, and this season 2nd place in Division 2. Division 1 is just around the corner…

Our cricket ground lacks sight-screens, nets and covers - the latter particularly problematic given its position on the swamp that is Marston! In the next few years we hope to improve this situation and consequently we are searching for sponsorship in whatever form it may take. We are also planning an inaugural Alumni vs. College game in summer 2016 – please get in touch if you are interested.


Men’s Football

Hertford Men's Football Team (HCAFC) is on the verge of returning to the higher leagues. The squad have been very close to promotion for three seasons running, having been denied promotion in 2013/14 despite coming 2nd in the league. Next year, there are plans to merge training sessions with the MCR and to receive some coaching from the SCR Butler, Kenny Lewis.

HCAFC is ready to regain some footballing pride. We currently receive around £400 a year from the JCR and some kit sponsorship deals that are shared with the rugby team, to cover necessary costs, such as league and referee fees, that occur in Michaelmas and Hilary. The team is also looking into going on tour next year, which will require sponsorship.

Additional finances will provide the football team with even more of a platform to grow. To complement the expansion the football team is undergoing, we are also looking to build stronger foundations with the Old Boys and have many more inclusive events for all.

  • £50 will allow us to buy 5 high quality footballs
  • £50 will buy a large amount of other equipment such as cones, bibs and ball carrier bags
  • £184 will hire the nearby all-weather 5-a-side pitch at University Club for an hour a week across a whole term and allow the team to regularly train together
  • £500-600 will buy the whole team brand new match day kit 


The winning crews from Torpids 2015

Hertford College Boat Club (HCBC) is the college's largest sporting society and provides opportunities for first time novices right through to Olympic athletes. The club prides itself on achieving excellence – both the Women's and Men's 1st boats won blades in Torpids 2015 – and also encourages participation from all corners of the college, across graduates, undergraduates, visiting students and boat club alumni. Since the inception of women's rowing at Oxford less than 40 years ago (the first Oxford bumps race open to women was held in 1978) Hertford has produced a steady stream of talented male and female rowers, and now holds the highest number of women's crews on the Isis.

But rowing is not a cheap sport. Each year HCBC spends £4,500 on race entry fees, including the Christchurch Regatta, Torpids, Eights, as well as external regattas. These competitions are the best way to accelerate the development of Hertford’s rowers, but at the moment the top crews are prioritised to keep the budget within bounds. With an increase in donations HCBC would like to be able to enter as many crews as possible.

HCBC rowers have gone on to win international honours for Great Britain. Steph Cullen (1999) came first in the 2011 World Rowing Championships and Paul Mattick (1999) won two gold medals in the 2012 World Cup season. Zoe Lee (2004) is currently a member of the British Rowing team, aiming to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics

The boat club offers bursaries to students who are concerned that rowing in the holiday prevents them from working to earn income that would support them during term-time. Thanks to a donation, HCBC is able to spend £1,000 on bursaries for these students for the next two years.

  • £3,100 would fund a new set of oars; £310 would fund a single blade
  • The rowing machines in the boathouse will need to be replaced over the next 5 years. £850 would fund one new rowing machine
  • £100 would fund one week of coaching

How much does a new boat cost? 

  • £20,000 to £30,000 would fund the purchase of a new rowing eight
  • £13,000 to £15,000 would fund a new rowing four
  • £8,000-11,000 would fund a new rowing pair or double

It is possible to part-fund the purchase of new boat by selling one of our existing shells – this can contribute up to 60% of the new purchase cost. In these cases, we can offer donors who make up the remainder of the purchase price the opportunity to name that boat as they choose.

 Find out more about HCBC




Hertford College Rugby Club (HCRFC) is a friendly and inclusive college rugby club. It welcomes players of all abilities, from complete beginner to blues standard. HCRFC has had a resurgence recently, with the introduction of an annual tour (recent destinations have been Mongolia, Malta and Belgium), and a run to the Cuppers semi-final last season. There is also significant Old Boy involvement with the rugby club, with an annual Old Boys’ game, and several Old Boys joining us on the tours. 

HCRFC receives £300 a year from the JCR to cover subscription costs to university competitions, which give us a 15 a side game each week in both Michaelmas and Hilary term. However, in order to improve, training equipment is essential. Sponsorship is available for all kit that we buy, and we are also keen to involve Old Boys in the club.

•    £100 would pay for a set of balls for a season
•    £200 would pay for 4 training tackle bags
•    £400 would pay for 4 training tackle pillars
•    £800 would buy a new set of match shirts


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