Historic buildings & portraits

The Old Lodgings' dining room

Restoring historic rooms

Over the past three years, the college has been executing a long-term project to renovate and restore the rooms of historical significance in the college.

Works in progress in Old Hall

Old Hall in the north-east corner of OB quad is part of a 17th century structure, which was modified in the 1820s, and again in the 1890s. On the site of the original medieval Hart Hall, Old Hall incorporates the hall built by Principal Randell (1548-99) who first established Hart Hall as an independent academic institution. The last major works took place in the 1950s, and aside from a surface redecoration in the 1980s, the room has been largely untouched over the last 60 years ago.

In 2015, Hertford will be restoring Old Hall, bringing the room into the 21st century while remaining sympathetic to its listed status. The historic books will be moved to a more appropriate location, where they can be preserved in a temperature-controlled environment.


Renovating our portraits

With the support of donations from the Hertford Society, we have embarked on a staged restoration of Hertford’s historic portraits. The Courtauld are undertaking a painstaking restoration of the portraits of Principal Warnock, and Bishops Spencer and Ryan. The Hamilton Kerr Institute will be renovating the portraits of Principals Newton, McBride, Michell, Boyd and Ferrar.

In future years, we hope to continue this work and restore the portraits of Principals Hall and Zeeman as well as William Tyndale, Charles James Fox, Lord Hugh Cecil and Lord St Helier.


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