Hertford students are a very diverse group, we are not looking for a type. Whether you are from the UK or overseas, post or pre-qualification, a school leaver or a mature returner to higher education, we want you to apply to us if you:

  • have an excellent academic record
  • are deeply engaged by your subject
  • have the ambition to pursue your subject at the highest level
  • are a self-starter, who can get the most out of the opportunities available at Hertford and Oxford

If you have recently applied to us, we want you to know that we value your application, and will consider it fairly.  We are a friendly and welcoming place, and if you’re shortlisted for interview, you will get the chance to discuss your academic interests and ambitions in interviews that will be respectful as well as intellectually challenging.  If there is anything more we can do so that you feel comfortable and perform to the best of your abilities during the process, please lynn [dot] featherstone [at] hertford [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk (do let us know).

Discover why people choose Hertford, what subjects we offer and importantly how much the fees are and how to apply.