Hertford College, Catte Street

The college provides over five hundred bedrooms for its members, located at the main site on Catte Street and at a number of other residential annexes and properties around the city centre. Since 1995, the college has been able to provide accommodation to all undergraduate students that require it. ‘Living in’ is not compulsory beyond the first year of study: but the majority of college members choose to remain in residence throughout their time at Hertford. The college is very proud to be able to accommodate all undergraduate students wishing to live in for the duration of their studies, as not all colleges are in a position to offer this to their members.

For undergraduate students, all freshers are housed on the main college site. Postgraduate freshers are accommodated either at the Graduate Centre, or at one of the college's houses in North Oxford.

Accommodation for students beyond the first year is determined by ballot, and is coordinated by the respective common room (JCR for undergraduates, MCR for postgraduates).

For information relating to the costs of accommodation, and other financial information, consult the finance pages for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

All bedrooms and communal areas are serviced on a daily basis by scouts, members of the college's housekeeping team.

The College is introducing a new service this year to provide a basic level of insurance for students’ possessions (including bikes, laptops, phones etc.) as well as some personal cover. The insurance is provided through Endsleigh, and you can add extra cover to suit your own needs (or simply check what is included) by visiting their site at and entering the College’s policy number HH1587. Please do make sure your insurance arrangements are sufficient for your needs.

Hertford College is committed to fulfilling the reqirements of the Student Accommodation Code, a nationwide code of practice for accommodation providers within higher education. More information on this can be found on the legislation at the Universities UK website. For full details of the Code, and for an overview of the college's compliance with it, please click here.

In an effort to answer your queries regarding accommodation, we have compiled a series of frequently asked questions about living at Hertford.

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