Meet the Unsung Heroes of Science

Discover who history has forgotten. Uncover the stories missing from the textbooks. Find out whose work has been overlooked.

We’re delighted to announce the shortlist and winners for the Unsung Heroes of Science 2019 video competition! You can watch all the shortlisted videos below (as well as on our YouTube channel) and share your favourite. The videos below are organised in alphabetical order by the name of the unsung hero – make sure you go all the way to the bottom to discover your favourite.

First prize

Al-Zahrawi by Kairul & Tasnia Choudhury

Second prize

Caroline Herschel by Toby Saunders & Daniel Treuherz and Audience Choice Award winner

Third prize

Alice Ball by Adeola Oni & Olaoluwa Dada

Shortlisted videos