Unsung Heroes of Science

Who has history forgotten? Whose story has been left out of the textbooks? Whose work gets overlooked?

This year we had more entries than ever before so we’d like to say a massive “thank you” to everyone who shared the competition and took the time to make a video. Here you can find all of the shortlisted videos – to find out more about our winners, check out this news article about the awards ceremony and watch their ‘meet the creator’ videos on YouTube to learn why they chose their unsung hero.

2020 winners

1st Place: Drishya Rai for ‘Howard Florey & Ernst Chain’

2nd Place: Harry Daisley for ‘Suzanne Lee’

3rd Place: Shreya Arun for ‘Gertrude Elion’

International Winner: Manya Oswal for ‘Brahmagupta’

Audience Award: Nikeisha Patel for ‘Ignaz Semmelweis’