Clive Hambler and a student study in OB Quad

Scholarships are awarded to the very strongest graduate students to encourage them to continue their academic training and engage in research.

The availability of these scholarships will become increasingly important as those undergraduates who have paid the tuition fees of £9,000 each year begin to consider graduate study. Graduate funding is dwindling, and we are rapidly approaching the point at which only the wealthiest of students will be able to afford to study for a Masters or DPhil.


Increasing the number and generosity of scholarships

The undergraduate class of 2015 will leave with unprecedented debts. Their ability to undertake graduate study is further diminished by the slashes in funding available from research councils. And it is not only universities that value graduate learning: industries at the cutting edge of technology and science need to be able to recruit candidates with doctoral level skills, and from fields as diverse as international development, financial analysis, ecology and climate change. 

Over the past three years, Hertford has significantly increased its commitment to graduate scholarships. Currently six students are offered ‘senior scholarships’ of £5,000 each year, an increase from four senior scholarships in previous years. Funds raised by the Oxford to Venice bike ride allowed us to allocate additional funds towards co-funding scholarships with departments and faculties. This meant that an additional five students were offered Hertford Studentships or Clarendon Scholarships, the most generous of them covering all fees and a living stipend.

Funding these scholarships is just a first step towards increasing our support for postgraduate study. In 2016, we will be offering our first fully-funded scholarship in Computer Science and Philosophy, which has been made possible by a donation by a former Hertford lecturer. We hope that more donors will sponsor scholarships in individual subjects, so we can offer a full range of opportunities to the most able graduate scholars. This will be essential to ensure that the opportunity for graduate study is available to students from diverse backgrounds, not only those who are able to self-fund.



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