The Naked Diplomat

25 March 2017

Hertford Honorary Fellow Tom Fletcher will be talking at the Oxford Literary Festival on March 25th about his book The Naked Diplomat.

This book looks at how technology is changing power and diplomacy, as it always has. The Digital Age will put many professions, ideas and states out of business, and shift power away from governments. It will make it harder to marshall the coalitions needed to confront growing global challenges,from migration to poverty to terrorism. There will be winners and losers. How can diplomacy regain its mojo, and play its part in helping citizens use the superpower at their disposal?

You can find out more about the book, and the changes made to this edition to reflect the political challenges of 2016, at Tom's website. With plaudits from an unexpected range of sources - David Cameron and Gordon Brown, The New Statesman and the Times - this is a must-read. Congratulations, Tom,