Oxford taster day

8 December 2016

The Hundred of Hoo Academy visited Hertford last week, and we were delighted to get Bethany Blanchard's account of her day: 

The visit to Oxford University yesterday was a new and different experience for me. I was expecting the university to be full of posh students that I wouldn’t connect with; however, I was pleasantly surprised. As you walked around the university, you got a real sense of realness. Hardly anyone was posh or above me and this was one of the factors in which makes me want to now go to Oxford, or consider it as one of my options. I believe that the people whom you are surrounded with is a big part of university life, and it was nice to see normal, down to earth students. While at Oxford we got to experience a taster session delivered by Dr Catherine Redford on the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley which was really engaging and I'm exceptionally glad I went. I am really considering applying to applying to Oxford when I decide on a course which I never thought I would have before. The visit was a great experience and would recommend it.