$2M Donation

2 March 2018

Hertford is celebrating a momentous milestone: the largest donation in the college’s modern history. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of a Hertford alumnus, a $2,000,000 fund has been set up at the college to provide students support for generations to come, by way of scholarships and bursaries, as well as matching funds and a starter gift towards the renovation of the library.

The Principal of Hertford, Will Hutton, commented:

"I am thrilled that the college has been given such a transformational donation. The life of the college and university is lifted to another level because of the far-sighted altruism of our donors, and this contribution takes the generosity of our alumni to new heights. The college strives to maintain its values of fair access and academic excellence and it's fantastic to see how much our alumni are supporting us in these efforts. A big thank you."