The Tutor for Visiting Students

Dr. Josephine Reynell, Tutor for Visiting Students

My name is Josephine Reynell and I am responsible for the academic side of the Registered Visiting Student programme. I work with the Senior Tutor at Hertford looking at your applications and making decisions as to who will be admitted. If you are admitted as a visiting student I will help to organise your academic programme.

I studied my undergraduate and graduate degrees in anthropology at the University of  Cambridge, (which also has a tutorial system).  I have taught anthropology for the Human Science degree at the University of Oxford for 11 years and was Director of Studies for Human Sciences at Lady Margaret Hall for four years.  As a result I have a very good understanding of the tutorial system, and, most importantly, what it is like to be a student here.   I am able to give visiting students solid and comprehensive support and advice both before you come and whilst you are here.

How can I help you?

During the application process:

  • You can email me with any questions prior to or while you are completing your application form.

         E-mail address: visiting [dot] students [at] hertford [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk

Once you are admitted as a visiting student:

  • We will have email conversations about your tutorial choices and I will help you narrow down your selection
  • In the middle of each term I discuss what tutorials you would like to do in the following term – so you are given the opportunity to be flexible with the choice you put down in your application form
  • I organise vacation reading for you to help you prepare for your tutorials
  • During your time at Hertford, I meet you for individual and group meetings on Orientation day and give you your lecture lists for the term
  • At the beginning of your stay, I will give you a group session on the tutorial system and we will discuss the best ways to go about your academic work and organise your time while you are here
  • I organise individual meetings with you three times a term to check in with how things are going for you and my door is always open for you to come and see me for a chat or advice throughout term
  • I have an ofice on the college main site, and my door is always open