Supporting graduate scholarships

Over the past two years, donations from Hertford friends and alumni have made an enormous difference to our ability to support outstanding graduates with scholarships. This is a priority for Hertford: we firmly believe that further study should be available to the most talented and outstanding graduates, not only those who are able to afford the fees.

Donations made towards graduate study support three types of scholarship:

1. Co-funded scholarships

Large numbers of small and regular donations have allowed us to build up a fund for graduate scholarships. We use this fund to seek co-funding opportunities with faculties and departments. This means that our donors’ collective contributions to the college are maximised, because their donations are augmented by funds that we would not have access to otherwise. We are hugely grateful that the number and generosity of donations to graduate scholarships have increased, because this means that we are able to award more co-funded scholarships.

Our 2016 co-funded scholars are:
  • Daire McCormack-George - David & Helen Elvin Scholarship in Law
  • Lloyd Houston - English
  • Helen Sunderland - History
  • Ellen Iredale - Modern Languages
  • Evangelos Dinopoulos - Biomedical Sciences (DTP)
  • David Heathcote - Chemistry  
Our 2015 co-funded scholars are:

2. Senior Scholarships

Gifts of £5,000-£10,000 allow us to offer students a Senior Scholarship. These are college awards that  help students with the living costs and fees associated with their studies.

Our 2016 Senior Scholars are:

  • Carreras Senior Scholarship in Natural Sciences: Xiuting Li (Department of Chemistry)
  • Mann Scholarship: Louis-David Lord (Department of Psychiatry)
  • Mann Senior Scholarship in Social Sciences: Kamille Morgan (Faculty of Law)
  • WCSIM Senior Scholarship: Rory Evans (Department of Physics)
  • Starun Senior Scholarship in Polish studies: Hubert Czyzewski (Faculty of History)
  • Michael Ferrar Senior Scholarship: James Read (Faculty of Philosophy)
  • Senior Scholarship in Assyriology: Eva Miller (Faculty of Oriental Studies)
  • Drapers’ Senior Scholarship in the Humanities Natalya Din-Kariuki (Faculty of English)

3. Fully-funded scholarships

Donations to create a fully funded scholarship are the most generous way to support graduates. Fees vary by subject, but as a guide £22,000 a year for three years will provide a full scholarship for a UK/EU DPhil student in most subjects. £35,000 for three years would support a full scholarship for an overseas student in most subjects. (To find out the cost to fund a scholarship in a particular subject, please contact the Development Office). 

We currently have two fully funded scholarships at Hertford: 

  • David Cucala holds the Oxford Mary Jane Grefenstette Scholarship in Computer Science and Philosophy, thanks to a donation from Dr Ed Grefenstette. 
  • Anabelle Cardoso holds the Mortimer May Scholarship in Geography. 

Would you like to support Hertford’s graduates?

When you make a donation to graduate scholarships, we will automatically allocate it to the fund that we use to find co-funding opportunities from faculties and departments.

If you would like to make a gift of £5,000 or more, you can choose which subject, or subject cluster, your scholarship will fund. 

Hertford encourages graduate applications in the subjects that are under active research by its Fellows. These include: Archaeology & Anthropology, Chemistry, Computer Science & Philosophy, Economics, Engineering, English, Geography, History, Law, Life Sciences (Biochemistry, Biological & Human Sciences), Management, Mathematics, Medicine, Modern Languages & Linguistics, Music, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Politics. We welcome donations to fund a graduate scholarship in any of these subjects.

Alternatively, you can choose to support one of our subject clusters: Humanities; Maths & Physical Sciences; Life Sciences & Medical Sciences; Social Sciences.