Supporting the library

Books on a well-known Hertford alumnus, William Tyndale

The Library by numbers

  • 31,000 book loans in a year
  • 1,000 new purchases in a year
  • 9,000 loans of new books
  • 70 desk spaces for in-library study

Keeping the library in stock

The modern Hertford library has three constituent parts: the books and resources used by college members; the quiet and welcoming study space for students; and the support of the Librarian, Alice Roques. Alice helps college members to navigate our collections and keeps the library resources up to date.

Simpkin hiding in the library

Each year we add over 1,000 books to the modern library collections. 30% of these are in response to student requests for particular publications relevant to their course. Requests can be urgent – a key book for a dissertation or essay – and our swiftest turnaround time is two hours from request to the book being on the student’s desk. Recent requests have ranged from Dignity in Adversity: Human Rights in Troubled Times to Postmodern Music/Postmodern Thought to Bioinorganic Electrochemistry. We are also taking advantage of digital developments by extending our acquisition of eBooks alongside print books, in collaboration with the University.

Hertford students make use of the historic collections in our archives. This year English undergraduates have referred to our 18th century volume of satirical poetry by Alexander Pope, and students on the Political Thought course have examined our 17th century works by Hobbes, Locke, Astell and Grotius.

What could my gift do?

  • £3,000 would allow us to update the books available to students in a specific subject
  • £1,000 a year would allow us to extend the range of journals available to students, and continue to update and invest in the most useful material for them
  • £200 - £1,000 could fund the restoration of a historic volume
  • £40 would buy a case to protect historic books and allow us to display them without damage


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