How we teach

The essential message is that you are responsible for your learning experience at Oxford! 

Teaching is conducted through departmentally-organised lectures and practical work and college-organised tutorials.

Most of your teaching contact will occur through departmental lectures and laboratory work.  These components of the course are common to students at all colleges, and you can expect to average about 12 hours of lectures a week, and a day of practical work in the teaching laboratories.   The lectures introduce and explain the topics on the course syllabus while the practical work will introduce you to experimental techniques and data analysis and illustrate physical phenomena. In addition, you will have tutorials organised by the college.  In the first years of the course, the tutorials consist mostly of small group discussions and exposition of solutions to physics and maths problems, mostly in pairs of groups of three, but also in somewhat larger classes.  These tutorials are conducted by the college physics fellows and college lecturers.  Later in the course, the topics become more specialized and the college tutorials are replaced by departmentally-organised classes so  that  you benefit from contact with research leaders in the subject.