Course structure

There are 3 courses available at Oxford:

  • The 3-year  BA  which provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamental principles of Physics, through mathematical treatments and laboratory experiments.  It includes a short project in the 3rd year. This course is probably most suitable for students who do not wish to pursue a career in physics.
  • The 4-year MPhys extends beyond the 3-year course by enabling students to specialize in two courses bringing them up to the research frontier and to undertake a substantial project in one of the departmental research areas.  This course is recommended for those students who wish to carry on in physics research or in careers as professional physicists.
  • The 4-year MPhysPhil is aimed at students who wish to investigate some of the deep philosophical aspects of physics.  Some of the topics covered in the 4-year physics course are replaced by topics in philosophy, and there is a much smaller laboratory component in the course.


The detailed course structure can be viewed in the Physics Handbook: