Oriental Studies

Hertford currently admits students for Japanese and for Chinese within Oriental Studies.

Hertford has what is probably the largest number of undergraduates studying Japanese in the University, about four per year, and is one of the few colleges with a Fellow in Japanese. Although the subject is small within the University, Hertford provides a well established and lively student community in the subject, including also our undergraduates studying Chinese, for which we normally take one student per year. We also have particularly strong provisions in Korean, as the only undergraduate college in Oxford with a Fellow in Korean Studies.

There are two Fellows in Oriental Studies at Hertford. Professor Bjarke Frellesvig mainly teaches Japanese linguistics and language, including Old and Classical Japanese. Most of his research is on the history and pre-history of Japanese. Dr Jieun Kiaer is a Young Bin Min-Korea Foundation Lecturer in Korean Language and Linguistics. Her research interests are Syntax, Phonology and their interface, Psycholinguistics and Korean-Japanese comparative/contrastive linguistics.

Subject facts

Course: 4 years

Uptake: 4-5 per year