Career expectations

Many music students go on to exciting careers in the profession either as performers, or as arts administrators, journalists and teachers. A high percentage goes on to further study either at conservatoires or continues down the scholarly route of specialised historical/analytical/aesthetic study.

Of course, many students who have read Music decide to follow a path which has seemingly very little to do with their degree. As with any humanity degree which is taught at Oxford, Music sharpens the critical faculties and requires the application of intelligence and rationality. The skill-set enabled by a Music degree can therefore be utilised in a variety of careers and it is not unusual to see music students finding jobs in the financial, legal and management sectors.

It is interesting to note that in recent years the vast majority of Hertford Music students have gone on to further study. Hertford encourages musicians to explore whichever areas they feel most drawn towards and will do everything possible to help you with applications for postgraduate work.