There are three kinds of examinations that you will take during your time at Hertford:

  • Collections: you sit these exams at the beginning of each term. Normally relating to work done in the previous term, they give you exam practice and allow you and your tutors to gauge your academic progress. They are organized by the College and do not form part of your final degree classification.
  • Prelims: you sit these exams at the end of your first year. Typically there are four papers per language. You are required to pass these exams to proceed in your degree.
  • Finals: you sit these exams at the end of your fourth year. At the start of your last term you have oral/listening exams in the relevant language(s) and then halfway through term you take 8 or 9 three-hour written examinations based upon the work you have done following successful completion of Prelims. These exams determine your overall degree result.