Modern Languages

Undergraduate subjects offered

Hertford currently offers four languages: French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. We take students for the following degree courses:

  1. Modern Languages
  2. Modern Languages and Linguistics
  3. English and Modern Languages
  4. History and Modern Languages
  5. Philosophy and Modern Languages

Teaching and learning

Studying Modern Languages combines intellectual training with the acquisition of important practical skills. Reading and writing about great works of world literature, you will develop the ability to analyse, to argue, to spot ironies and ambiguities, and to relate the specific to the general and vice versa. Small language classes will help you write essays in the language(s), translate between languages with accuracy and sensitivity, and become fluent in the spoken language(s). The year abroad, together with regular contact with native speakers whilst in Oxford, will give you the opportunity to put what you learn into practice, to develop your knowledge of different styles and registers, and to broaden your understanding of foreign culture(s).   

If you like reading, enjoy learning languages, and would relish the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects – not just literature, but also linguistics, history, politics, film studies, art, philosophy, literary theory, and advanced translation – then explore these pages and the University and Modern Languages faculty websites for more information.

Subject facts

Course: 4 years

Uptake: 10 per year