How we teach

College BM tutorials in years 1&2 encourage students to engage with a limited number of topics in more detail, to integrate their knowledge across different subjects and to understand the experimental basis of current medical practise.

Third year FHS tutorials aim to foster critical analysis skills through reading primary research papers. Students must have excellent oral and written presentation skills and be prepared to engage in scientific debate.

As with any subject studied at this level the key to success is developing good independent study habits. The college and university libraries and IT services provide all the resources needed for your personal study.

Juliet Stevens (2004-7)

Any college will teach you enough to pass your exams, but preclinical Medicine at Hertford is what you've come to Oxford for - it's stimulating, challenging and irreverent. I was made to think, ask, and debate - vital skills for tackling ones career and life ahead. Tutorials were informal, tailored and relevant - and far more academically beneficial than any lecture. Hertford medics are a tight knit bunch, whether it comes to work, sport, dinners or socialising, and several years after leaving we are still invited back to the College. While at Oxford I fitted rowing and theatre around tutorials and labs, and am now a trainee in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and a hat maker, in London.