Career expectations after Oxford

During the 3rd year of the pre-clinical course students apply for entry to a clinical school to complete the clinical stage (years 4 to 6) of their medical training.  Whilst students are not guaranteed a place at the Oxford Clinical School: entry to the Oxford Clinical School is competitive, a joint admissions scheme is in place with the Universities of Cambridge and London to ensure that all suitably qualified Oxford pre-clinical students will be allocated a clinical school place within the scheme. 

The opportunity exists for students to defer entry to the clinical school for 1, 3 or 4 years to undertake advanced study leading to the award of a Masters degree or a PhD DPhil.

Students who have read Medicine at Hertford have achieved distinction in many branches of medicine and biomedical research: hear about it in their own words.

Rebecca Mills (2004-2010)
I believe the most important thing to look for in a college is somewhere you will be happy, meet like-minded people and be encouraged to succeed. It is only since leaving Oxford that I have begun to realise just how much those first three years shaped and prepared me for my career. The confidence and resilience I developed during tutorials has proved invaluable in succeeding within a surgical environment. In a recent MRCS viva, I was asked to draw an action potential and was immediately swept back to the many hours in first year we dedicated to discussing complex cellular ion shifts. I also continue to be amazed at how much interest people take in my third year laboratory research project undertaken in Prof Greaves' laboratory (on inflammation and macrophages) at interviews for surgical jobs.

Annabel Christian (2006-2012)

The 6 years spent studying Medicine at Hertford College have been absolutely amazing. The friendly attitude of both the staff and students make Hertford a popular college with an excellent reputation for being welcoming to students from all walks of life. This relaxed atmosphere combined with excellent teaching from medical tutors means students can excel and have the opportunity to explore their own academic interests. I particularly enjoyed learning in a tutorial environment because it provided the chance to ask questions and discuss in detail areas of medicine that I found interesting. One of the highlights of studying medicine at Hertford is a termly dinner provided by the VW fund allowing the clinical and preclinical students to socialise and share their experiences. As well as providing this special medical dinner, the VW fund also provides financial support to students to attend conferences and clinical placements abroad, as well as bursaries for the medical elective that is completed in 6th year and allows for travel all over the world; I just returned from 10 weeks in Australia and India! Hertford College is a wonderful place to study medicine, allowing for academic and personal development and producing bright, enthusiastic and personable doctors.


Will Dace (2011- )

My interest in medicine began as a schoolboy volunteer for West Berkshire Mencap, where I gained experience caring for children with learning disabilities, understanding their problems and how these affect them and their families.

When I received my offer to study at Hertford College just over 2 years ago, I never envisaged the number of opportunities that would come my way at university. Whilst studying medicine at Oxford is challenging, there is time to do other things. Rugby has been a big part of my life for over 13 years. I made my Blues debut in February 2013 and I have been lucky enough to start for Oxford at fly-half in two victorious U21 Varsity Matches at Twickenham. I also coach Hertford College Women¹s rugby, and plan to tour Mongolia this summer with the Hertford College rugby team.

Hertford medics have a fantastic group of tutors led by Professor Greaves, who has been instrumental in driving our academic and personal development. The Vaughan-Williams dinners are a wonderful opportunity for tutors, medical alumni, pre-clinical and clinical students to mix, and illustrate the strength of the medical community here at Hertford. This community is a privilege to be a part of, and I hope to continue my studies here throughout clinical school.