Regularly updated information on how to apply is available by following the link for “prospective students” on the Mathematical Institute webpage. In brief, applicants sit a mathematics test in schools, normally around the start of November, and based on the score from this test in addition to the information on their UCAS form, they may be invited for interview around mid-December. At Hertford we normally give each candidate two interviews in which we ask them to try and solve, with our help, mathematical problems. In addition, each candidate should also get at least one interview at another college. (We know that such interviews are daunting, but we are friendly and do hope to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible!) Applicants are informed of the decisions by letter in the weeks following the interviews.

It is a good idea before applying to come to one of the University open days. This is a great chance to meet tutors and current students in college and at the Mathematical Institute, and to get a feel for what happens during the admissions process and what life at Hertford studying mathematics is like.