Undergraduate subjects offered

Teaching and learning

Hertford has a long and proud history of mathematics teaching. Around 1700 the first course on Newtonian Physics at any English university was given here, by the then “lecturer in experimental philosophy” John Keill. The college library has a unique collection of mathematical books dating from this period. The tradition is carried forward today by the Tutor in Applied Mathematics, Professor Alday, and the Tutor in Pure Mathematics, Dr Lauder. Professor Alday’s teaching reflects his research at the leading edge of mathematical physics, using String Theory to try to understand the fundamental structures of the universe. Dr Lauder works in Number Theory, using techniques akin to those developed by Wiles in his proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem to construct integer solutions to special types of equations. The tutors are supported by a Lecturer in Mathematics and Lecturer in Statistics. In addition to the mathematical teaching, Hertford has a vibrant undergraduate mathematical society which hosts regular social events.

Subject facts

Course duration: BA (3 years), M.Math. (4 years)

Student uptake: normally 6 per year