Studying Law at Hertford College might be different to your preconceptions. There is a heavy workload, and much of this will involve reading complex legal material in the library. To this extent, your preconceptions will be entirely justified!

There will not, however, be lots of memorizing and recitation of dry technical facts. You are not here to learn the law. The law sits safely in dusty volumes on the library shelves and does not require memorizing for it to be safely kept.

You are here to learn to think like a lawyer, to assimilate significant amounts of material and decide which is relevant to the problem at hand, to reason logically using rules and principles especially when faced with novel sets of facts, to identify inconsistencies in judicial decisions, and to propose creative solutions to a multiplicity of difficult regulatory problems in different spheres of social life.

Subject facts

Course duration: 3 years

Student uptake: 6 to 10 undergraduates per year