Joint Schools

Undergraduate subjects offered

The joint degree programmes listed below (called “Joint Honour Schools”) combine two main subjects, usually studied equally in the First Year, after which you are given a choice of papers which enable you to focus more on your main interests while preserving a reasonable breadth. These degree programmes are ideal if you want more variety than “Single Honours” can provide, or aim to develop a wider range of understanding and skills, and especially if you are interested in the interface between the two subjects concerned. Although you are obviously likely to spend less time on each subject than a Single Honours student, the intensity of study at Oxford – and the high respect in which these degrees are held – makes them entirely suitable as a pathway towards work or postgraduate study on either side. Indeed many of our students have gone on afterwards towards doctoral study and research, helped by the joint degree to discover where their greatest interest lies (often in a different direction from what their choice would have been on leaving school, had they been required to commit to a single subject at that stage). Hence these degree programmes provide an excellent way of cultivating a flexible mindset and preserving valuable options for the future.

How many students does Hertford admit?

For most of these degree programmes, and at most Oxford colleges, Joint School applicants are in competition with those applying for Single Honours in one or both subjects. So, for example, if you apply for Physics & Philosophy, then you will be in competition with applicants for Physics (but not Philosophy, which has no Single Honours degree). Hence if you are judged good enough for entry in Physics, then – as long as the Philosophy interviewers consider you able to cope – you are likely to be offered a place. It follows that in most of these programmes, the number of students admitted each year will depend on the choices of the strongest applicants (and in fact our Physics & Philosophy numbers have varied in practice between zero and two per year).

At Hertford College, the exceptions to this rule are Computer Science & Philosophy, which has up to four places available per year, and Economics & Management, which has eight. Applicants for these programmes – in both of which Hertford offers more places than any other college – are not in competition with any Single Honours applicants.

Finding out more

Click on the name of any Joint School in the list below to link to a relevant page either on this website or the University admissions website – here you can learn about the joint degree in particular. Alternatively, click on one of the individual subject names in brackets to link to a page on this Hertford College website that describes how that subject is run within the College, including tutors, teaching methods, examinations etc.