Open days

It is a very good idea for applicants to come to one of the University open days. On every open day there will be an opportunity to meet and talk with a History tutor at Hertford. The History Faculty also organises its own open days.

These are valuable opportunities to meet current students as well as teaching staff and to get an appreciation of the course and the atmosphere of the College.

Application process

If you are excellent at history, if you want to take the study of history further, if you're a voracious reader, if you're a self-starter who welcomes the opportunity to explore new periods and topics, then we'd like you to apply to study history at Hertford. We are interested in applicants whether pre A-level (IB, Scottish Highers...) or post qualification, from the UK or overseas, straight-from-school or a mature applicant. Hertford historians, like Hertford students generally, are a diverse bunch.

To learn how to apply, the timetable for sitting tests and submitting work, information on minimum offer grades, etc. you should consult both the History Faculty's website and the University's admissions website. These give full details about the process, and they are also full of useful advice. For example, they provide past papers for the history aptitude test, and we strongly recommend you have a look at these. The results of the HAT will influence who is called for interview.

Applicants to history at Hertford get 2 interviews, each with 2 members of the teaching team, so you will have a good opportunity to get to know us. (In the case of joint school applicants, the 2nd interview will be with tutors in the joint school subject.) In interview, we won't be testing you on your knowledge (though we will expect you to have a good knowledge of the history you've studied, and beyond), rather what we're looking for is the ability to think like a historian.

Applying to Oxford is something of an obstacle race, there are several hurdles to overcome. But there is assistance available, via the web, via open days, via the Uniq summer schools, and other access programmes.  Much more information and help is available on the Oxford Admissions website.