Open days

It is a very good idea for applicants to come to one of the University open days. There are general events at Hertford, including an opportunity to meet and talk with an English tutor and to meet current students. The English Faculty also organises open days.

Application process

  • Applying to Hertford is relatively simple. To learn about the process, you should consult the English Faculty website as well as the University admissions website. You will be required to register for the ELAT test. This test does not require special teaching, but it is useful to look over past papers here 
  • In considering candidates for English admission, we take careful notice of the 4 elements of the application:
  • Your UCAS form (including predicted grades, reference and personal statement)
  • Your ELAT banding
  • Your school or college essay
  • Your performance at the interviews

Interviews – what to expect

If you are shortlisted, you will have two interviews, each of about 20 minutes' duration. An hour before the first interview, you will be given a selection of poems from which you are asked to choose one to talk about. These poems will probably be the main topic of discussion during the first interview. You may not be asked about your submitted written work, or about what you have written on your personal statement on your UCAS form, but rest assured that we will have given these other aspects of your application due consideration and weight. Wherever possible, Hertford tries to arrange interviews for candidates with other colleges during their stay in Oxford.

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