Open days

It is a very good idea for applicants to come to one of the University open days. There are general events at Hertford, including an opportunity to meet and talk with an engineering tutor. The engineering department also organises events during the open days.  This is a valuable opportunity to meet current students and teaching staff and to get an appreciation of the course and the atmosphere of the College.

Interviews – what to expect

You will have two interviews. The first, usually in the morning, will be at your preferred college (or the one that has been allocated to you). The second will be at another college in the afternoon.

The morning interview will explore your interest in engineering and also test how well you can develop your ideas in mathematics and physics. The maths question will be based on what you have done at school. The questions on physics will usually centre round an electrical or mechanical situation chosen to match the particular subjects you have covered at school. You will be asked to explain the physics of what is going on and, with help from the interviewers, will be expected to develop the physical arguments using simple maths to see how good you are at expressing physical concepts mathematically.