Course structure

The Oxford M.Chem. is a four year degree. The first three years consist primarily of taught content, with exams at the end of each year covering all course material up to that point. The second year offer the possibility of supplementary subjects in a wide range of topics. In the final year, students work on a research project in an area of their choice. The final year is examined by thesis and viva (a short interview with the examiners). Full up-to-date details of the M.Chem. syllabus, course, and examination structure can be found at

In common with science courses at other universities, most of the contact teaching hours comprise lectures and practicals (‘labs’) provided by the Department of Chemistry. These are attended by all students in your year group and comprise the primary means of ‘information transfer’, as well as giving you the opportunity to meet chemistry students from other colleges. The remainder of your teaching will take the form of tutorials with your college tutors.