Career expectations

Oxford’s M.Chem. programme turns out excellent chemists, many of whom go on to research and applied careers in chemistry or related sciences. However, our graduates are also both highly numerate and excellent at solving problems, offering skills that appeal to a broad range of employers. A chemistry degree therefore opens doors into a huge number of different careers, some of which have surprisingly little to do with chemistry.

Around 40% of our graduates continue on to a higher degree, either a taught Masters level degree in any one of a range of subjects, conversion or training programs for medicine, law, patent work, teaching, or librarianship, or a doctoral research degree (Ph.D. or D.Phil.). Many of the latter pursue careers in research and development, either in universities or in industry, while others enter careers in management, consulting, administration, and marketing. Of those entering employment immediately after completing their M.Chem. degree, some enter the financial services sector as trainee accountants or analysts of various kinds, mostly with major city firms and institutions. Others choose careers in commerce or industry, either in Research or Development roles (though this normally requires a higher degree), or in management, marketing, sales, or financial administration roles. A significant minority enter positions in computing and information technology industries, while others choose occupations ranging from scientific journalism, social work, politics and the civil service to professional sport and the performing arts.