Archaeology and Anthropology

Undergraduate subjects offered

Archaeology and Anthropology are taught jointly for the BA honours degree at Oxford. Although distinct subjects in themselves, a unique feature of this combined degree is in the choice of course pathways available. Students can choose either to specialise in Archaeology or Anthropology by taking options in their second and third years or continue to study both subjects in equal depth. The aim of the degree course is to provide an understanding of present and past societies and to examine connexions between the different approaches and methodologies used by Archaeologists and Anthropologists. Students will also gain an overview of the variety of issues and questions addressed by these subjects and which make them highly relevant today.

We do not expect candidates to have studied Archaeology or Anthropology before coming to Oxford; many A-level subjects provide a suitable background. One of the great academic strengths of the ‘Arch and Anth’ degree is in its sheer diversity. When you come to Oxford you will be tutored in a broad range of subjects by the Hertford tutors and those from other colleges. There will also be opportunities to work closely alongside specialists in the field and gain practical and laboratory experience. Part of the value of studying at Hertford is the strong practical experience offered to undergraduates through fieldwork and laboratory study with the subject tutors. Our students have participated in excavations run by their Hertford tutors in Pompeii and at stone age sites in Morocco.

At Hertford, Arch and Anth is an academically strong subject with a proud record of success. You’ll be expected to work hard but the social side of life is important too. We arrange a number of social events with other subjects such as Human Sciences and this contributes to the vibrant sense of community within college. There is a busy schedule of lectures, and some practical work, with much teaching and social activity in the Institute of Archaeology in Beaumont Street. In addition you'll have about 12 tutorials a term, and write an essay for each of them. You'll be helped to develop incisive, organised and original thinking through the outstanding method of tutorial teaching. The central location of Hertford places it close to the Archaeology Department where most lectures and practical classes take place in the first year. The quality of teaching, the resources available, the supportive atmosphere, all help to make Arch and Anth at Hertford a highly successful degree subject.

The Foster Bursary

The Foster Bursary (£1,000) is awarded to a first-year in Archaeology and Anthropology. All who qualify for the Hertford Bursary are eligible and will automatically be considered for the award, which cannot be held in conjunction with a Hertford Bursary.

Subject facts

Course duration: 3 years

Student uptake: 4-5 undergraduates per year

The current entry requirement is three A levels (or equivalent qualifications), not including General Studies, with a minimum of three A grades.