Our academics and their research

Our fellows and lecturers are engaged in leading scholarly research in their respective fields, and many of them are world leading experts operating at the cutting edge of their disciplines. 

To give you an insight into our intellectual activities we feature the work of some of our academics. Dr Emma Smith is a Fellow and Tutor in English and a leading Shakespeare scholar. She has recently been engaged in joint work on the authorship of All’s Well that Ends Well that attracted significant media attention. Professor Martin Maiden, who is a Fellow and Tutor in Biology, is engaged in research on the genetic diversity of the bacteria that cause meningitis and has been working collaboratively to develop new vaccines for forms of meningitis against which there are currently no licensed vaccines. Mike Wooldridge is a Senior Research Fellow in Computer Science, and discusses his work on game theory and how to build a sociable computer.  Dr Alison Woolard, who is a Fellow and Tutor in Biochemistry, researches cellular development in nematode worms, and how modifying their genomes can slow down the aging process.  Professor Fernando Alday, Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics, researches string theory. Dr David Hopkin is a Fellow and Tutor in History, and researches the history of folklore and oral culture, and Dr Jamie Lorimer, Fellow and Tutor in Geography, is preparing a monograph on Environmentalism and the end of Nature, and beginning a new investigation into how similar concerns are being played out in relation to the human body. All seven are exemplars of a rich intellectual tradition at Hertford.