Gender Pay Gap 2018

29 March 2018

Hertford College Gender Pay Gap Report

Snapshot date: 5th April 2017

• Women’s mean hourly rate is 11.17% lower than men’s.
• Women’s median hourly rate is 3.78% lower than men’s.

The proportion of women in each pay quartile is as follows:

• Top quartile: 44%
• Upper middle quartile: 46%
• Lower middle quartile: 37%
• Bottom quartile: 62%

No bonus was paid to any member of staff.

Hertford is committed to promoting equality in all aspects of College life, including our workforce. We shall be considering in more detail how to establish policies and actions that reduce our pay gap. Some of the difference is accounted for in our academic staff, all of whom are paid the same rate for the job, but where we currently have an uneven gender split. At the lower end of the pay range there is a gender imbalance in some roles which we will seek to address. However, recent recruitment trends suggest that our gender balance in key areas has been improving since the data reference point used for this analysis, and we expect this to be reflected in future pay gap assessments.

I certify that the above data is accurate.

Jamie Clark (Bursar), Hertford College

March 2018