The Hertford Society

The Hertford Society support the upkeep of Simpkin, the college cat

The Hertford Society was founded in 1962 to keep Old Members in touch with the college and with each other, something that had not been done systematically before that date. Today, the Society works closely with the Development Office in college to keep in touch with Society members and to organise a range of social events.

At least one social event is held every year, usually in college at the end of the Trinity term, when Society members and their guests may continue their association with college. Other events are occasionally put on in other venues, most recently a Hertford jazz event in London .

As well as arranging social events for members, the Society donates funds to support the college in a range of ways. These donations are discussed and agreed by your elected Committee and independently of college. Your generosity has enabled many regular gifts to be made, supporting a range of projects including:

  • Student outreach activities with schools
  • Publishing and distributing the Hertford College Magazine
  • JCR Freshers’ Week
  • The MCR Matriculation Ball
  • Choral Awards for the college choir
  • Last but not least, funding the cost of Simpkin the college cat

The Hertford Society’s independence enables it to support activities which might not otherwise receive priority by college in the normal course of events given its many other priorities. Recent ad hoc gifts include a significant donation to professionally renovate thirteen portraits in Hall. 

Join the Hertford Society

Membership of the Hertford Society is £25 for five years. You can join by making a donation of £25 or more to the Hertford Society Members' Fund.

Hertford Society members celebrate its fiftieth anniversary

Members of the Society are entitled to wear its tie and printed headsquare. The tie shows a gold Hart's head in the same style as the college tie, but on a plain maroon background. The headsquare has a printed maroon border with the gold Hart's head in one corner. Enquiries to hertford [dot] society [at] hertford [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk (Professor Jon Billowes).





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