The Geoffrey Warnock Society

Geoffrey Warnock Society Lunch 2016

We created the Geoffrey Warnock Society in 1999 to recognise the generosity of our alumni and friends who have included Hertford in their Will.

Geoffrey Warnock was the Principal of Hertford College for seventeen years; he oversaw the introduction of co-education and pursued the progressive admissions policy. He was also elected Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford in 1981 just as government cuts to higher education began. Warnock left a legacy to the college - his commitment and dedication to its future is the reason the society created to thank our legacy donors has been named in his memory.

"I feel it as a privilege for the College - as it would be for any College - to be the object of such long-maintained attachment and good will"
Geoffrey Warnock referring to the generosity of our donors in the 1979 issue of the Hertford College Magazine.

Becoming a member

All alumni and friends of the college who choose to leave a legacy to Hertford become members of the Geoffrey Warnock Society.

The society meets for lunch in college once a year to enjoy an afternoon together with friends, Fellows and students. Members are also exclusively invited to a number of events hosted by the Development Office. 

The next lunch will be held on Friday 5 May 2017.

Why leave a legacy?

Hertford is looking to secure its position as a leading educational establishment in future years. Leaving a legacy to Hertford, after your loved ones have been taken care of, is an easy way to make a hugely meaningful contribution to the next generation of students to pass through our gates – without having an impact on your current finances.