Information for tutors


Teaching for Hertford is the letter circulated to tutors undertaking teaching for the College; it explains a little about room bookings, OxCORT reporting, and payment arrangements.


In the approach to each term, Hertford's subject tutors are given a form on which to detail the Collection papers they, and the lecturers for whom they are responsible, wish to set. Papers are then given to the Academic Office for copying and scheduling by Wednesday of Noughth Week. Collections are held on Friday and Saturday of Noughth Week and scripts are returned to the setters by Monday of First. More information and (when relevant) the timetable can be found here.

Harding Fund - Fellows' Research Grants

The Harding Fund makes grants of up to c.£1500 for fellows' research expenses, including travel.  The fund is overseen by Professor Emma Smith and Professor Pat Roche, and applications, along with receipts for expenses claimed, should be sent to Julia Howe.



The Graduate Supervision System