College doctors

All members of the college must register with an Oxford doctor. The Hertford College doctors, Dr Chloe Borton, Dr Matthew Easdale, Dr Rachel Allen and Dr Robin Carr will accept any member of the college who wishes to register with them under the National Health Service (except in the case of anyone living at a considerable distance from Oxford).

Registration with the college doctor happens in college on Saturday of 0th Week in Michaelmas term.

28 Beaumont Street



01865 311 811

Out of hours

after 6.30 pm and before 8.00 am, and at weekends

ring 111 for advice.


Junior members are of course free to register with any Oxford doctor. They must, however, register with an Oxford doctor, and they must, by the end of the third week of Michaelmas term, let the Lodge know who they are registered with. The Lodge must also be told of any subsequent changes of registration in Oxford.