Health & welfare

Trinity Term


09:30 – 11:45


09:30 – 11:45

(Weekly doctor's surgery in  28 Beaumont St. Check on the day)



14.00 - 16.00



09:30 – 11:45



09:30 - 11:45


At these times you do NOT need to make an appointment. Just knock on the door of NB1/3.  Individual appointments can be booked at other times in advance by emailing or telephoning nurse [at] hertford [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk (the Nurse).

These times may change. If so the alternative times are on display in the Porters Lodge and outside the nurse's office

You do need to make an appointment for the doctor's surgery on Tuesday

Health & welfare

Welfare at Hertford is about enhancing wellbeing, providing support and enabling students to access health care.

Health & welfare announcements

About welfare

This site provides information about the welfare provision which is available to students at Hertford. We give your health and wellbeing a high priority.  

We want you to be able to access help for any problems you may have and to be able to contact the most appropriate person. Terms are very short at Oxford and getting help quickly is important. Students can find the environment pressurised and so there is a lot of support available. A small problem is usually easier to solve than a large one, so seeking advice and help is strongly encouraged. Help is available in college and from outside. Confidentiality is always a priority.


Dr Undine Brückner

HR Manager
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Ana Budimir

MCR Women's Officer

Mrs Yo Davies

Welfare Coordinator

Mr Andrew Dean

Junior Dean — South Oxford

Mr Jeffrey Hawke

Junior Dean — Main site

Anne-Marie Neise

Junior Dean - North Oxford

Anne Sokolich

MCR Welfare

Maya Tikly-Young

JCR Women's Welfare Officer

Arran Wilkinson

JCR Men's Welfare Officer

Professor Alison Woollard

Dean, Fellow and Tutor in Biochemistry