Public Room Request procedure

All Hall bookings need to be discussed with the Catering Manager before a room booking request is made.  Permission for Society Dinners in Hall needs to be obtained by filling in an online booking request form and Society Dinners in Hall form before Society Dinners can be confirmed with Catering.  Therefore sufficient notice (at least two weeks) needs to be given.

For all  room bookings, this form should be completed at least a week prior to the event. The relevant authorisers will then consider the application and either approve it or request relevant modifications.

Please note that authorisation from the Dean is only necessary for events involving the consumption of alcohol, or for external speaker events.

It is the organiser's responsibility to see that all the College's rules on the booking of public rooms by Junior Members are followed. These can be found in Information for Members and in a separate document on the website, and should be read by the organiser before all events, particularly those sections which cover: Parties, Plays, University Societies, Political Meetings, Concert Advertising, Quads, the Sports Ground and Boathouse, the Sale of Tickets. Alcohol must not be sold at any events.

Charges, payable in advance of the event

The Baring Room - £20 per hour to Hertford College JCR

The Octagon - £50 per event to Hertford College MCR

Rooms Booked by Junior Members, using the Public Room Booking Form



Room Booking Authorisers

The Baring Room


The Dean and the JCR Treasurer

The Hall


The Dean & Catering Services Manager

The Ferrar Room


The Dean

The Gilbert Library


The Dean

The Old Lodge


The Dean

Ab House Seminar Room


The Dean

GC Seminar Rooms


The Dean

Public rooms at the GC


The Dean & the MCR President

The Old Library


The Dean



Porters (the Dean if event involves alcohol) & MCR President

Rooms Booked Independently
Events in the Bar must be arranged with the Dean
Use of the Lawn must be agreed with the Dean and Bursar
The Octagon is booked with the MCR President
The JCR Treasurer may allow events in the JCR

Other rooms
Permission to use these rooms by junior members will only be given in very exceptional circumstances and only where a Fellow or senior member is present at all times.

Teaching rooms (Old Library, Boyd Room, Ferrar Room, Gilbert Library, Old Lodge, NB 1.1, NB 6.9a, OB 3.13) may only be booked by Fellows and lecturers either directly online or via the Lodge.

The Old Lodgings ground floor Drawing Room and Dining Room (when not required for College business) and the 1st floor Henry Wilkinson Room and Principal’s Drawing Room may only be booked by Fellows and the Chaplain, either directly online or via the Lodge.  The rules applying to the booking and use of these rooms may be obtained from the Bursar. The Old Hall and Lower SCR may only be booked by full members of the SCR.

Find out from the Online Calendar if the room you wish to book is free.

If you need need AV please make sure you have booked it at least 24 hours before AV booking form