Bedding order

Hertford does not provide a bedding or laundry service. This means that you will have to either:

  • Bring all your own bedding (including duvet and pillows) to College with you. Or
  • Buy a bedding pack, via this online form.

The bed packs include a single duvet and cover, a pillow and pillowcase and a fitted sheet. The cost is £25.00 and the amount will be charged to your battels.

Please note the bedding pack is yours and it is expected that you will take the bedding away with you upon departure at the end of term.

karen [dot] smith [at] hertford [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk (Mrs Karen Smith), Domestic Manager
MCR/JCR Food and Housing Representatives

Freshers will be told their room on arrival.
The pack will be in your room on arrival.
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