Transcripts and Certificates

Certification of your student status (for Council Tax purposes, etc) is available through the University’s Student Self Service website; increasingly, academic transcripts will be available here too, and currently all those who began courses during or after MT07 should be able to obtain a copy of their full academic record through the Exam Schools website.

Verification of University qualifications can be obtained from the Degree Conferrals Office.  

The University only issues one degree certificate on the day the degree is conferred.  Proof that you have completed your course can be provided on request by the Degree Conferrals Office. Should you lose your original certificate, a replacement can be obtained at the cost of £30. 

Should you require a record of your academic course from the College, email the college [dot] office [at] hertford [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk (Academic Office) and we will prepare one for you. Please explain fully what the 'transcript' is for, what details you would like included, how many copies are needed, and where you would like it sending. We are also able to produce an electronic version for online application procedures.