This page relates to public, University exams, for which sub fusc should be worn. Examinations are either held in the Exam Schools, at Ewert House, or in departments.

Candidate Number
Your candidate number can be found either through the student self service area of the University's website, or from the front desk of the Exam Schools, on the High; it is not something we are allowed to keep in College.

Special Arrangements
Please inform the Academic Office of any special exam arrangements you will need, as early in the academic year as possible. (This includes extra time for learning disabilities, rest time for medical conditions, the use of a word processor, and permission for medication to be taken into the exam hall.) The Senior Tutor will then write to the Proctors on your behalf, sending any relevant doctor's letter.

If illness prevents you meeting a deadline or attending an exam, you will need a letter from the College Doctor which we will send to the Proctors' Office for forwarding to the Examiners.

The use of bilingual dictionaries is no longer permitted in examinations. Students who made their request before this change to the regulations, will retain their ongoing permission.

Results of Public Examinations are posted on the Exam Schools Website as well as outside  Schools itself. Tutors may contact students with the marks of their individual papers.

More information about University Exams can be found on the University's Examinations and Assessments page.