Documents and policies

These are the most up to date versions of the College's policy and information documents. Hard copies can be obtained from the College Office.

College StatutesĀ 

The Dean's List

Hertford College Bar, Club Rules

Disciplinary Bye-Law

Harassment Policy

Undergraduate Suspension Policy

Student Support Fund Application Form

Equality Policy and Action Plan

Information for Members

Proctors' Essential Info letter

2017-8 Residential Licence

Smoking Policy

IT Regulations and Policies


Safeguarding Policy

Fines and other penalties for infringements of the Disciplinary Bye-Law

Use of the Boston Steinway piano

Hertford College Freedom of Speech Policy

Chapel Policy

External Speakers and Events Policy

Physical Security Policy

University Data Protection Policy

College Employee Handbook

Electrical Appliances Policy

Accommodation Snow & Ice Clearance Policy

The College adheres to the University Policy on Freedom of Speech

The College adheres to the Unversity's Code of Practice and Procedure on Academic Integrity in Research.

The College adheres to the University'sĀ Guidance on Confidentiality in Student Health and Welfare.

The University's Staff-Student Relationships Policy can be found on the University's Personnel webpages.

The University's Transgender Policy can be found on the University's Equality and Diversity webpages.

The University's Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students is available here.

The College's Statement of Employer's Liability Insurance (2017/8) can be found here.