Organ scholars and scholarships


Hertford College awards two organ scholarships at any one time. These scholarships are available to students who apply to study music at the college, and are awarded via the University of Oxford’s central organ-awards scheme.

Unlike organ scholarships at many other colleges, Hertford organ scholars are not deputies to a professional organist or music director, but have significant autonomy in organising the chapel’s music, playing the organ and directing the choir themselves. Thus, Hertford organ scholars graduate with a far greater experience of music planning and directing.  This is a deliberate policy, intended to grow young leaders.  

Further benefits include:

* A stipend of £500 p.a. is awarded.  

*. Fully funded organ, conducting, and singing lessons.

*. A unique Leadership Development Programme, which includes leadership training and mentoring. 

*. The opportunity to help shape the musical life of the chapel. 

Hannah Towndrow, our Senior Organ Scholar writes:  "The organ scholarship at Hertford helps to develop you not only as a musician, but as a leader as well. As organ scholar at Hertford, you, along with your colleague, essentially assume the role of a chapel director of music; although a big responsibility, this is very rewarding! When I took up the role of junior organ scholar in October 2016 I had been playing the organ for about six years, and had achieved grade 8 with distinction a year and a half earlier. Over the course of the year before my arrival at Hertford I was the organ student at a local church, where I was supervised and mentored by my organ teacher. At this point I had also been a member of my local church choir for about 10 years, and the experience I gained over this time gave me a wide awareness of choral repertoire and the role of music within a liturgical setting. Over the course of my time here so far I feel that I have made much progress as an organist, conductor, and leader, and have found the role immensely enjoyable and rewarding. The organ scholarship at Hertford allows you to have a lot more control and input with regards to the running of the choir than at many other colleges, as well as giving you the opportunity to help co-ordinate concerts, tours, and social events. These are huge selling points of the organ scholarship here, and I believe that such a hands-on approach will aid the development of a much more mature and well-rounded musician"


The next available entry for an organ scholar is for October 2019.

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