Daily and personal prayer

Daily prayer

The Chaplain prays the daily offices on behalf of the college during Morning and Evening prayer.  Please contact Mia if you would like to join in.  These daily offices are simple, said services, in which the daily Bible readings are read, and the concerns of our college community and the wider world are offered in prayer.

Personal prayer

Hertford Chapel is always open; although we often close the doors in winter to keep the heat in, they are never locked. Resources are being developed to help chapel guests to engage in prayer.  There is a prayer board (where prayer requests can be pinned), and candles can be lit as a symbol of prayer in front of the baptism icon at the front of the chapel.

Prayer board

Beside the Tyndale window at the back of the ante-chapel is an old lectern that is used as a prayer board. There is a pen and small squares of paper here for writing prayer requests — as little or as much detail as desired may be given. These prayer requests are regularly included in daily prayer in the chapel and at the weekly Eucharist service.

Votive candles

At the front of the chapel, to the left, stands the Icon of Christs Baptism. In front of it is a metal stand for votive candles. There is a tradition of lighting a candle for each of the concerns we bring in prayer, so that we may focus on each candle as we pray for the person or thing that we are concerned about.